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When I found this dress at a Red Cross in Fremantle, I was smitten. It has the most beautifully detailed embroidery on the front of the dress, plus a built in bow tie! I haven't had a chance to wear it yet but I decided to pair it with my trusty loafers and a cardigan for a buffet breakfast this morning at the Atrium. I am a huge fan of the buffet breakfast. Any time I can combine waffles, hash browns, bacon, champagne, mushrooms and brie cheese is okay by me. Food is awesome.

Dress, Red Cross, $30 // Sportsgirl floral headband // Diva rose ring // Pigeonhole bow ring

{that's a horrible picture of my hand, sorry! Bad angle + double jointed fingers = claw-hand?!}

This was a very simple outfit (paired with tan loafers and a grey cropped cardigan), but I loved it all the same. I think it's perfect Sunday dressing - although most Sundays I'm slumming around watching TV and desperately trying to finish articles, rather than actually putting on nice clothes. Sundays are strictly a leggings-and-flanno affair in my house, and while I'm sure would make for very attractive blog posts, I can't say I've found any suitable lounging around clothes on my op-shop travels... so far. As much as I love op-shopping I can't say that I have been brave enough to go through old leggings and flannel shirts. 

I hope your weekends were all excellent, too! Thank you for all your lovely anniversary wishes!

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  1. Oh hey, I volunteer at Fremantle Red Cross! I'm glad you found the dress - it looks amazing on you!


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