Restyle: '70s Art Teacher

Hello! I picked a rather special dress to kick of my month of 30 Days of Restyle. I found this wildly patterned one in a Vinnies - it was a bit more expensive than their average stuff, but I think you'll agree it was worth it! It was made in India (!) and I don't know if it shows up in the photos very well, but it has a beautiful gold running through the pattern. It certainly brightened up my day at work!

I always describe my style as 'funky art teacher' or 'cool librarian' whenever I wear a loafers and cardigan combo, haha! I think it suits it pretty well...

Dress, Vinnies, $25 // Belt, Good Sammys, $2.50 // Loafers, Good Sammys, $10 // Temt cardigan // Black tights // 'T' brooch from markets // Feather ring and rabbit ring from Pigeonhole

I was pretty happy to find that I didn't have to do many alterations to this dress, except for hastily ripping out the shoulder pads this morning (luckily they weren't sewn into the lining!). I think it could probably be taken up a couple of inches, but for now I am super happy with how it looks! Such a ridiculously comfy dress to wear to work.

I'm also trying out some new beauty products today. I bought a new Revlon lip stain in a dark pink (I wear my red one ALL THE TIME. It is great), I have on some Australis mascara and I have a Rimmel nail polish on. I was impressed that it actually DID dry in 60 seconds like it promised! So nice not to have to wave my hands around in the air for five minutes after painting my nails. Also, is it just me or do Rimmel products smell really nice? And not so chemical-y? Am I a weirdo for smelling my nails after I've painted them?

Stay tuned for more outfits tomorrow! Yay!



  1. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I always find there are a million cute things in op-shops, if one is willing to rip out the shoulder pads, haha. Quite a few of my thrift finds once had rather unsightly shoulder pads.

  2. Some of the rimmel nail polishes are actually fragranced - i know there is an apricot one so maybe you picked up one of those ones without realising it!! x


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