Top of the Shops

I have a confession to make. I've never really dug Topshop. I've bought one pair of sailor-inspired flats (too small, so I gave them to my mum) and my jelly sandals from there... and that's it. The clothes have never grabbed me as being particularly inspiring, although they do look amazing on other bloggers!

But then I saw a lilac lace dress in Grazia magazine a couple of weeks ago - and I fell hopelessly in love. I had a little peek on the website and I found some amazing pieces! I think I might have to do a sneaky order before my shopping ban comes into effect...

1. Maddie Mint Eva Brogues, £20.00 (on sale!)
6. Pink Ombre Skirt, £18.00
8. Scallop Tassle Lace Vest (back view shown), £20.00

So much pastel-y goodness in there! I'm particularly smitten with the Poppy Lace Dress and those gorgeous mint green brogues. So lovely! I also love the print on the cut-out dress but I have kind of a sworn hatred of cut-outs. I can't really resist anything with that kind of china plate print, though.

Do you buy lots of Topshop?




  1. I LOVE that Jones and Jones dress!

  2. I don't think I've seen anything worth spending money on.. but that poppy lace dress! So pretty.

  3. Ha, I just bought that blue and white dress yesterday! I'm a bit like you, usually cut-outs are not my thing but the print was just too much, I had to have it! Fingers crossed I don't end up hating it

  4. I bought lots of Topshop in my teens when they were cheap and really good quality; then they got big and international and expensive and flimsy... and I haven't found anything in there in years.

  5. I think it's a lot more fun when you can see it in stores - when I was in England Topshop was really accessible and always had nice things. I'm the same with the website, though. Way too trend-following.


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