Restyle on Film

Hello! I thought I'd share this video with you. It was filmed by the very talented Gemma Rule, and I love it! You can see my (very wobbly) feet walk past in the fluoro heels. Funny story, when they were asking us to walk across the backdrops for the photo, I was PETRIFIED. I am not that great at walking in heels, and since I've dislocated my knee before, one step in the wrong direction and my day would have ended on quite a painful note! When I tremulously walked past, I looked back and everyone was giggling at my Bambi steps... so I had to do it again. Haha! So now you know why there's not that many outfit photos of me in stilettos :)



  1. how cute!
    Reminds me alot of the Red Velvet clothing video - great vibe and use of colours!

  2. Oh yes I know which video you mean! That vid was always one of my favourites, I'm glad this one reminded you of it! x


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