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So 30 Days of Restyle kicks off tomorrow (!!!) and as excited as I am to get started, I'm still a little daunted by working op-shop finds into my everyday wardrobe for the next month. Luckily, I follow a lot of awesome bloggers who I always admire for doing just that! Here are some of my favourite blogs that, I feel, have a great focus on op-shop/thrifted/vintage clothing...

Jen from A Little Bird Told Me {and check out her post What's Happend To Our Charity Shops?}

Hannah from One Hundred Miles From Any Wear {her whole blog was dedicated to wearing op-shop and local designers for one hundred days}

Solannah from Vixen Vintage {she found her wedding dress at a market for 75 cents!}

Eleanor from Pretty Much Penniless {she also has the best luck with finding vintage homewares!}

Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess {they also post some amazing DIYs if your op-shop finds need a bit of a lift!}

Nicole from Fashion Forestry {this blog is a MUST READ for anyone who loves vintage, especially novelty vintage! It's seriously inspiring}

Ashely from Fancy Fine {who also has a Etsy vintage shop!}

Gem from Gem Fatale {one of my favourite blogs EVER, and not just for all the op-shop inspiration!}

Do you have any favourite blogs which focus more on vintage and thrifted goods? Let me know! I have an inkling my op-shop inspiration will dry up at around day 11... I kid. Hopefully.


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  1. One of my favourites is Jen and Sarah -clothesencounters on youtube. Check them out, although Jen is kinda doing it solo these days.x

    All the best! :)


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