Magical Unicorn Hair!

Hello! So here's a little look at my new hair colour! I loved the purple-tipped hair that I had in my Restyle photo so much that I decided to get it done for real next time I was at the hairdressers. It was put in with a Kevin Murphy colour bug for the shoot, but this will hopefully last a lot longer!

I (well, Aidan) took this photo before we went to Flight of the Conchords. It was SO GOOD! If you ever get a chance to see them live you should do so, immediately.

In these photos I'm wearing a vintage dress and (faux) leather biker jacket from eBay. My hair was done by those fabulous folks at Peggy Sues - who are now taking new clients! Go go go!



  1. Oh wow! I love your new magical unicorn hair, it's so pretty.

  2. Oh man, I went to Flight of the Conchords too - SO GOOD! Love the hair colour, very pretty :o)


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