Made On The Left

Hello again! So like I said in yesterday's post, I popped down to the Made On The Left markets at the WA State Theatre on Sunday. I wasn't expecting it to be underground, but it was actually pretty rad (except for taking photos... argh, that lighting!). I only got to have a quick look around, which I guess is one of the perils of bringing your boyfriend shopping with you, but I was really impressed with all the awesome talent coming out of WA. Here's some pretty stalls that caught my eye...

{Tea Party At Lucy's // Facebook // Website}

{Pop Goes The Weasel // Facebook // Etsy}

{Charlie and James // Facebook // Website}

{L'amour des Lapins // Facebook // Website}

{Stepmum's // Website}

{Small Things // Tumblr}

And I'll quickly just share what I picked up!

Pug head from Sweet Things // 'T' brooch & scrabble tile ring from Tea Party at Lucy's // Swallow studs from Charlie and James // Vinyl clock from Stepmum's


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  1. Damn i tried to find this on sunday and failed miserably! hahaha

    Looks pretty rad too! Awesome photos lovely xo


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