Little Things 14.07.12

Hello again! Here's some more of my Instagram photos from the last month or so. If you want to follow along, my username is @gininateacup :)

Crazy morning hair (& my very cute phone case from Typo!) // My awesome t-rex ring, which really does open & close // My view at the bus stop one night // Another new ring - the ruler ring from this post

A rainy day outfit with one of my favourite vintage dresses // Makeup done at a photoshoot recently // My cat blouse from this post // Polka dots and bulldogs - a new favourite combination 

At my boyfriend's brother's architecture show // Bored at work on Saturday & listening to Biggie Smalls // A delicious breakfast at Jean Pierre Sanchos while waiting for the roof at work to get fixed // An awesome headdress I got to wear at aforementioned photoshoot! Can't wait to show you the end results!

If you're wondering why I keep going on about Oh Henry! Vintage, just look at their front table at the pop up store! I swooned // Me & my Biggie Smalls figurine (from here) - I swooned here also // Watching Aidan play golf in Yanchep (and I learned how to play a bit too... it is NOT easy) // Some delicious vintage goods - not mine, sadly!

Okay, that's enough Instaspam for now!


  1. I so want a t-rex ring! That headdress looks incredible, can't wait to see more photos from the shoot :)

    1. It is a pretty rad ring! The photos should be on the homepage of my blog now if you want to take a look :) x

  2. Ooh that was my outfit! (at the very bottom)

    Can't wait for tomorrrowwwww :)

    xx Steph

    le fanciulle

    1. It looked soooo good! I still love it! xx


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