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Hello! I've had this blog for almost four years now (FOUR YEARS!) and yet I don't really revisit the old posts that often. It's mostly out of self-preservation - I don't particularly want to go back and examine all the past style horrors and spelling mistakes and cringe over what my 18 year old self has written! But I decided to revisit some of my outfits from around this time, that I've photographed for the blog.

This is from June 20, 2009. I ended up giving that coat to my mum because I felt like it was a tad too old for me. It was a gorgeous coat, but I don't really have that many occasions where I need to wear a knee-length velvet coat. I still have that dress (very good example of cost per wear; at the time I bought it, it was the most expensive thing I'd ever bought!) and I'm not sure what has happened to the shoes. I think I ended up giving them away in the massive wardrobe purge I did last month. 

This is from June 16, 2010. How crazy is it that this was TWO YEARS AGO? It seems like 2010 was about four months ago. ANYWAY. This is one of my favourite outfits I've worn on the blog! I always mean to wear that dress more, but it has a bit of a halter neck going on and apparently after two years, I still haven't gotten my act together and bought a strapless bra. I still have those crazy tattoo stockings too. Although now I have an actual tattoo to go with it! Also, I really miss my long hair :( how long will I go on about that? Until my hair grows back, that's how long. 

I remember wearing this outfit to see Toy Story 3. Also, how is my loungeroom always so messy?! Sorry to subject you guys to that on a regular basis. Now you know why most of my outfit photos are outside now. I still have this Modcloth dress (I think it was called the Deschenal dress), but something about it is just a bit... off. I think the big satin collar combined with the below the knee length make it feel a little bit old and a little frumpy. I think I'm going to try taking it up and see how I feel. The wedges are the same kind of deal, they're pretty great but I hardly ever wear them.

OMFG THAT MESS @_@ I am actually kind of embarrassed. Which is a big deal for me because my bedroom looks like a wardrobe has exploded at the best of times. But onto the outfit. I LOVE this dress - I got it at some vintage market in Melbourne - but it's also a bit tricky to wear. I really don't like full length sleeves that are in a blouse style, PLUS this dress is pretty much see through and until about two weeks ago I didn't have a nude slip. Maybe I will pull this dress out soon because it really is one of my favourites. Also, those little red Zu shoes are still going strong and they're some of the most comfortable heels I own. 

And this from just last year! I think I must have moved into my house not long before this, judging on how clean it is. Plus, how nice is that lighting (if you'll excuse the self vanity)? I wish I was home at the time every day to take photos. This dress was my first ever purchase from ASOS and obviously started a mad, mad obsession. I do love this outfit and I feel like I wear it all the time, which is why it's not on the blog much. And now I realise I last photographed it A YEAR AGO so it's probably okay to do another post featuring this dress. Also - this wee little Bettie Page fringe was one of my FAVOURITE HAIRSTYLES EVER. 

Well! That was actually pretty fun to look back on. Although it does remind me I need to do more outfit posts so I can actually do these posts in the future... eep. 

What do you think about your old style? I thought I would be more WTF but I actually don't mind most of these outfits. I guess not much has changed in four years (apart from my hair, my house, my boyfriend, my job... but yeah the style stays the same). 




  1. My old style was very much jeans and a tee, god how I've changed!

    1. Haha! If I went all the way back to my high school fashion I doubt anyone would even recognize me, it's changed that much! x

  2. Very stylish through out the years :)

    1. Haha, thank you! There have definitely been some shockers (see above about my high school days!) but I guess everyone has a few of those! x


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