Little Things 15.06.12

Hello again! Here's some more little snapshots that I've been taking recently. Enjoy!

Me being a dork & showing off my media pass at Groovin' the Moo // I'm pretty addicted to Sally Hansen nail stickers and these have been my favourite by far! They're slightly tacky but that just makes me like them more // This was after my most recent haircut. I wish I could recreate those curls at home! // My boyfriend's cousin's baby turned one recently and there were these adorable animal cupcakes (as well as a petting zoo with a piglet! Ahh!)

Still madly in love with my new jelly sandals... // This was an outfit I wish I'd taken a better picture of! It felt very '50s bobby sox girl. // This is a close up of the print on my dress in the photoset above - I LOVE IT! It's completely cray but everyone needs a healthy dose of crazy dress prints in their lives // There was meant to be a big storm in Perth the other night (it wasn't too bad, although the towns along the south coast got hit a lot harder!) so we mucked around and took silly pictures. Take THAT, storm!

And this is a little collage I made of another outfit! This is a new Club L (?) jumper that I got on sale from ASOS, a Dotti skirt that I'm wearing in my outfit photo above, my jelly sandals (again) and a Pigeonhole ring. It's so wintery and stormy here at the moment that it's dark when I get home, so I can't take outfit photos... I need to get more organised and start taking them in the morning! Or find a place with excellent lighting. 

Anyway, that's all from me for now! Hope everyone is keeping warm and toasty (or nice and cool, depending on where you are) - I know I'm trying my best to! 



  1. ohh, those cupcakes are making me hungry!!!

  2. You are so wonderfully cute and look so very awesome in all of your outfits. (I'm not a stalker, I just love reading your blog)

    How was groovin in the moo? I reaally want to go to one, one year!!
    And I completely agree with you. It annoys me when my nails chip, just because it takes time to do them properly, but I actually like the look when theyre chipped and not perfect.
    And I love the hair cut.

    XO Samantha

  3. Ohh such great photos! I love your nails!



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