Butter Me Up

I'd heard a lot about Revlon Lip Butters on various blogs and read a bit about them in magazines, so I was pretty excited to try them when they came to Australia - and having the gorgeous Emma Stone in the campaign didn't hurt, either. After much deliberation I went for a light, creamy nude (Creamsicle), and a really subtle lilac (Gumdrop). I ended up getting a free gift bag out of the offer too, which contained YET ANOTHER shade - a darker pink one (Pink Truffle) that I wouldn't have picked myself, but I actually quite like it on.

And of course, I'm pretty in love with the packaging!

They definitely do make your lips feel softer, but they do feel a little greasy on when you first apply them. I think they'd be fine worn over a lipstick or another colour, though, but I wanted to wear them by themselves at first to see how strong the colour was.



Pink Truffle

Have you tried them yet? I must say, even after only playing around with them, that I'm pretty enamoured. I've just made it a mission to get more into makeup and maybe deviate from the red lips or winged eyeliner looks I always rely on.



  1. lipstick and tea. my two most favourite things ^_^

  2. I'm glad you liked it! :D x


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