Sunday Best

Happy Easter everyone! I hope your day has been filled with chocolate and fun times. I've spent the weekend relaxing pretty hard - it has consisted of $2 McChicken and Cheese burgers, Connoisseur chocolate nougat icecream, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and finally starting to watch Games of Thrones. It's been pretty neat.

I've also been catching up on my blog reading, so here's a bunch of lovely links for you!

First of all, I'm pretty smitten with this coat from ASOS. I love the collar, I love the 1960s feel to it, and I love, love, LOVE the green. The weather's finally been getting cool enough that I can entertain thoughts of buying it. Plus, there's a red version which is on sale for $10 cheaper...


Speaking of ASOS, you can now get an extra 10% off just for being a student! Head here for more info.

One of my favourite new blogs I've discovered has to be Wearing It On My Sleeves, especially for the amazing DIY revivals she does! I usually buy things from the op shop to alter/chop up/colour, but they just end up in a big pile and are inevitably donated back to the op shop. This has given me a bit more inspiration!

Next up are a couple of DIYS. Firstly, this one from Miss Peregrin's Secrets, which shows you how to create a cute colour-blocked mini dress from two big not-so-cute shirts. I think this looks adorable (and actually really easy, I might be giving it a go soon!)...

And the second is from the lovely girls over at Le Fanciulle, where you can learn to make a leather lunch-bag that's been seen from the likes of Anve and Jil Sander. I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. I really want to make this!

And after all that DIY-ing, you're probably going to be hungry, right? So you should probably make Em's delicious-looking taco bake. That's right, a taco bake. I actually cannot WAIT to make this. 

There was another pop-up party this week, but this time for the whole of 140 William St. That included two vintage stores, a Zara Bryson, a menswear store, an art display by Andy Quilty, and the All Of The Above studio! I didn't take any photos - too excited enjoying all the freebies, I expect - but you can see some (as always) excellent photos on Dropstitch

Okay! That's all the links I'm loving this week. Have an amazing weekend & I'll be back with some more posts soon!




  1. I love, love that leather lunch bag - I definitely might have to give that a go when I get some time.
    As always your keen eye has spotted something awesome :)

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  2. Loving the detail on that green coat. I like the extra little pop it gives the coat! I love DIY's but I can never do any of them. I always find a way of wrecking it :( Hope you had a great easter xx

  3. Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed my tute! It was so much fun to work on, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

    I love that ASOS coat! That collar is so damn cute. I'm totally enamoured with Wearing it on my Sleeves now too. How have I never seen her before?

  4. I wish I were eating that taco bake RIGHT NOW.


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