Pop Up Pigeon

Last Thursday (I'm getting a bit behind on my posts!), my boyfriend Aidan, my friend Lisa & I headed down to the opening of the Pigeonhole pop up store. Pigeonhole is actually where I started working, as you might have seen me mention in my last post, and I love it so far! If you get a chance you should check out the pop up store, it has a lot more awesome products and I will definitely be back to make some sneaky purchases.

I wore my red Sportsgirl dress that I got in the sales for something ridiculous like $35 down from $150, my granddad's old belt, black tights, and Temt leopard loafers. Those loafers have been getting quite the workout for something that only cost me $10, I've been wearing them EVERYWHERE! I'm not sure they really 'go' with the dress but whatever, they are comfortable and leopard kind of counts as a neutral... right? I've also got on Pigeonhole peas-in-a-pod earrings and my trusty old Sportsgirl bag. Also very proud of how nicely my peeps scrub up!

It was a really fun night and I am so proud to be associated with such a fun, awesome bunch of people. I'll be at the VIP launch for the whole 140 William St pop-up collective tomorrow night, so if you're there, come say hello!


{Even though I work for Pigeonhole, any posts from events or whatnot are NOT sponsored. As always, sponsored posts will be clearly stated. Thanks!}


  1. You guys are the CUTEST!!! xxx

  2. I love the vibrant red of that Sportsgirl dress - it is stunning, and I see plenty of lust-worthy dresses at Pidgeonhole there.

    Gems x

    Fashion Well Done

  3. That looks like such a fun little event! I bet your new job is amazing. On that note, you also look amazing. I think the red dress goes really nicely with those loafers - animal print is totally a neutral!

  4. I was there too! The store looks AMAZE.


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