Indie Anna Jones

Another outfit post! Woo! I wore this out to a friend's birthday drinks at the bird, which I've never been to before but really liked. Good company, a show by the Novocaines that only cost $5 and pints full of cider make me a happy girl indeed.

I found this Egyptian-cave drawings print shirt in an op-shop for a rather incredible $6, along with a huge brown '70s looking teapot for $4. Finding new op-shops with wonderful things in them is quite a coup, considering how overpriced a lot of them are nowadays! $20 for a well-worn Valleygirl dress that probably cost $9.95 in the first place? WHO YOU FOOLIN', OP-SHOPS. On the subject of vintage clothes, though, I saw that Miss Brown Vintage and We ♥ Vintage have both set up shop in the 140 William St complex... looks like I know where most of my pennies will be headed.

Thrifted top // Dotti skirt // Cotton On cardigan // Black tights // Sportsgirl loafers & bag // Pigeonhole earrings

By the time I was ready to go out, it was about 9:10 and Aidan and I had to catch the bus into the city at 9:20. So I convinced him to quickly snap these photos for me before we headed out... too bad I left it on manual settings so all the photos had crazy weird colouring. I tried to just edit them in Picnik in the '1960s' setting. Picnik is actually shutting down on the 19th (boo!), but - sneaky tip - anyone who uses it now or signs up can use all the premium features. Woo! On that note, anyone know any good free online editing websites, or should I just man up and get Photoshop?

In case you're wondering about the title of this post, well, I was saying how I felt like Indiana Jones in this outfit (Egyptian print blouse, cardigan, loafers, etc). Then I remembered how, when I messaged Aidan to tell him I was watching Pulp, he said something like "Wow, you must be sooo indie, if you had a baby with Jarvis Cocker you could call it Indie Anna Jones". And little did he know that eight months later it would be used as a blog title.

Hope your Easter weekend is treating you marvellously!




  1. You look so cute and so delightfully retro - the loafers and bag are adorable :)

    Gems x

    Fashion Well Done

  2. I've heard good things about Pixlr ( but I'm a Photoshop girl myself.

  3. I love that top! And I totally feel you on the op-shopping thing. Some of them are so expensive now that it is cheaper to shop retail, and that makes me sad. Plus, it can't be good for all the people who actually rely on op-shops for cheap clothing.

  4. Those Novocaine boys definitely put on a great show! Great shirt by the way - I'm loving anything printed at the moment!


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