Hot Rods & Hellraisers

This is a VERY overdue post (one of many!...) from when I went to the Hot Rods show at Devilles a couple of weeks ago. I brought my camera (yay!) but forgot my memory card (boo!), but luckily the lovely Lisa took some photos for me.

I was very excited because I thought the awesome old cars would go very nicely with my new dress from Pretty Dress that I was sent to review. I think I was right! We were taking photos next to this awesome 1956 car and the guy who owned it said "Do you want to take photos inside it?" Um... YES! Never mind the fact that I don't even have my license in real life...

And... onto the outfit details!

Pamper dress by Kling, c/o Pretty Dress // Dangerfield tattoo tights // Black flats // Witchery sunglasses (that came free on a Marie Claire about five years ago!) // Temt earrings // ASOS bag

I really love this dress! It's made of that soft kind of jersey fabric, so it's really comfortable to wear, even on a really hot day like this one! It also has a pretty simple shape, so it's easy to dress up or down - I actually wore it for a night out at Devilles a couple of weeks ago. I also like the little white detailing around the collar (so it looks kind of like a fake Peter Pan collar) and the hem - although it is actually sewn on top of the fabric and I'm not sure how well it will stay on after a couple more washes.

If you're between sizes, I would recommend sizing up (like I did) - it's not uncomfortable or tight, but I think if you got it in a smaller size then the fabric would cling to all the lumps and bumps! I'm also not crazy about the tie around the hips, because I don't really like anything that emphasises my hips, but I can deal. All in all, for $40 it's a really great little dress!

And these are some Instagram photos I snapped on the day. The top one is of my dream car (imagine driving around in one of those! Beep beep!), the second is a hula girl swizzle stick from the pretty dangerously lethal cocktails, and the last one is of a bike that was just hanging around. I don't know if it was meant to be on display, or if someone had just left it there, but I was very tempted to hop on and just ride off with it.

Because there was an awesom Beach Boys cover band, I'll leave you with one of my favourite Beach Boys tunes. It's raining here this week, so maybe this will get you in a summery mood!




  1. PHWOAR!! is the only adequate word that describes those cars!

    Gems x

    Fashion Well Done

  2. That dress is adorable! I love the little collar. And I love the pictures of you inside that car - you suit it perfectly!


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