HEY EVERYONE! I am just quickly stopping in to say hello & assure you that I am not dead or anything like that. I know it has been about six years since I updated but I've just started my First Proper Full-Time Job - with a salary and everything! WHAT WHEN DID I BECOME A GROWN UP - and it has been keeping me busy (predictably). So until I figure out this work/life balance thing people keep harping on about, I have nothing to talk about except work. Which, well, even my family and my boyfriend only pretend to listen to.

But tonight I cut my fringe and took some photos and I thought I would put them up for you as a little sumthin'-sumthin'. I'm working on a Little Things post (my favourite posts to do) so watch out for that!

And yes, that is my favourite ASOS dress that I'm wearing. It has finally gotten cold enough to wear a wool dress AND tights AT THE SAME TIME!

So I'm off to swoon about the weather and watch Game of Thrones. That's the only other thing I can talk about except work. 


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