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Hello all! I'm starting a new feature on Sundays, a little round-up of my favourite finds from the internet over the week. Everything from cute dresses, to blog posts from my favourite bloggers, to delicious recipes, to cat videos (well, maybe not that often for that one) - it'll all be here and hopefully you can enjoy it too!

I loved Hayley's post about dressing a doll for an exhibition called POUT, currently on display at Chadstone as part of the LMFF Cultural Program. Isn't the doll super cute? I can't believe the detail that went into it!


This is quite an old post that I found via Skunkboy Creatures (one of my new favourite blogs!), but I thought it was lovely all the same. A DIY for these gorgeous feather lanterns, from Violet Bella.


I love this Fairground dress from ASOS. I also happen to know that you can get an extra 20% off ASOS purchases with the code STPATRICK... but this code runs out tomorrow morning so get in quick!

I'm really excited to see the rest of Elsie's new clothing line! She's just started releasing pictures of some of the dresses, and my favourite so far is the Ice Cream Sundae romper. You can also get a sneak peek at how to style the Weekender dress and the Bike Ride dress

Speaking of A Beautiful Mess, they have a post up about lots of different pizza toppings to try! I'm particularly keen to try the raspberry jam, brie and pesto, the BBQ bacon and avocado, and the pineapple and pesto. Yum!

I really liked Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky's interview about lessons learned from blogging, from the Texas Style Council seminar. She's also offering 25% off her INDIE blogger e-course - click on the link for more info!

I still haven't decided what to do with my hair - and yes, it's still a big issue, haha - but I am leaning very heavily towards a look like this, snapped by the very fabulous Gem Fatale at London Fashion Week.

I may have made a sneaky purchase last week from one of my favourite online vintage stores, Old Age Vintage. I can't wait to style it up with some coloured tights and ankle boots when it gets a bit cooler!

Well, that's it for this week! I hope you enjoyed the first instalment!


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  1. Great new segment! And I just adore that last dress. Can't wait to see you rock it.

    And hey, I’m hosting a give away… Come check it out!


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