Little Things 01.03.12

After the glamour of my last Oscar dresses post, I thought I would bring things a little more down to earth by showing you some far-less-glamourous photos of my day-to-day life. I got a new iPhone last week, so I have been much more diligent about whipping it out and snapping photos at every opportunity!

Anyway, here's what I've been up to when I'm not busily working away in my little home office (which unfortunately resides in a corner of the room we call "the man cave". It's a little pink, girlie oasis in an otherwise very messy room...).

Last night my boyfriend and I headed out with some friends to the Festival Gardens, which are on as part of the Arts Festival here in Perth. It's a very lovely set-up, with fake grass and tonnes of old wooden chairs lying around, as well as some pretty excellent drinks (see my delicious gin and tonic above) and scrumptious food! Last night they had some Latin music playing and lots of couples were tango-ing and rumba-ing away. I was in awe. Unfortunately my new Wittner shoes gave me ridiculous blisters and I required a piggyback home from my dashing gentleman.

My mum came up to see me on Pancake Tuesday, so we - rather predictably - went to the Pankcake House to grab some breakfast. I've only been there two or three times but I always get the strawberry concoction. Mmm.

We also went to an 'old people' themed party. Aidan looked quite convincing (his inspiration was Junior from The Sopranos and I was his unofficial goomah) but I don't think I really pulled off my 'glamour nanna' look! Although in this photo you do get a sneak peek of my awesome lobster purse that my sister got me for Christmas, and of my Mary-Kate inspired glasses from GirlProps!

This is my first photo from Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day challenge. The first theme was 'up' and this is the bunting (from Typo) that hangs above my bed. Hopefully I can keep up this challenge longer than my previous effort (two days!...).

And these photos are RIDICULOUSLY overdue... in January I went down to Margaret River with Aidan, his sister, and some other friends. It was really fun, incredibly relaxing and SO NICE to escape the ridiculous Perth heat that was going on.

Okay! I think I'm all caught up. Now I'm going to collapse in front of the TV with Neighbours (always good guilty pleasure viewing) and some pizza.



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