Hello, hello, hello! I have had a crazy week but I have some news... I found a new job! I haven't had the best time working for the company I was currently with and I'm so happy to have found an awesome new job. Woo!

My cousin Clare was in town for an engineering course, so I met up with her, my mum, my sister and my grandma for brunch in Subiaco. I wish I could remember the name of the cafe we went to, everything was so delicious! I had haloumi and zucchini fritters. I mean.

I didn't have my usual camera so my sister snapped these for me on my iPhone! I was secretly pretty impressed...

ASOS jumper & bag // Dotti skirt // Black tights // Temt flats // Valleygirl earrings

I loved this jumper as soon as I saw it, luckily I had some of a Christmas gift voucher left so I was able to snap it up before it sold out! I bought the shoes a while ago for $10 but this is the first time I've worn them out, and they're surprisingly really comfortable. I've wanted a pair of leopard print loafers for ages, since last winter probably, so I was happy to be able to test out the trend for such a tiny price (spoiler: I am a fan). 

I felt a bit schoolgirlish in this outfit, what with the jumper, the skirt and the loafers... very Madeline-inspired perhaps?

Afterwards we went into Jackson's so my grandma could get some fabric pencils. I'm not art-inclined in the least, but I had fun taking photos of all the pretty stuff.

Well, that's it from this morning... I also went to a car show at Devilles and got to review a new dress, so look out for photos of that in the next couple of days!

Now I'm off to have some cookies'n'cream icecream and catch up on Community. Fun times!




  1. I adore this whole outfit but I REALLY love that top! I think I might need to DIY a tee shirt version for spring. Congrats on the new job!

  2. Congratulations on the job!

    I'm liking the leopard print, too.

  3. Hooray for new job! You just be very happy :) I hope it works out well! Love your Madeleine outfit, very sweet, cxxx

  4. Congrats on getting a new job! I love your outfit - particularly that gorgeous sweater. I think it's a grownup school-girlish look & it is awesomely adorable!


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