It's Time To Play The Music

Hello! Here I am with my first outfit post of the year! This is what I wore to eat brunch and watch The Muppet Movie with my mum and sister. I absolutely love the Muppets. I was OBSESSED with The Muppet Show when I was younger, and hired it out from the video store about once a fortnight. So clearly I loved the movie, and yes, it made me cry about twelve different times. I also kind of adore Jason Segel now. Seriously... the man loves puppets and is quite lovely to look at. What else can you ask for?

I wanted to dress up in something very cheerful and sweet to see it. I picked up this retro-inspired dress in the sales, and I made it even more girly with my new scalloped satchel. Did I mention it was also a 31 degree day? Trying to look nice and put-together in this weather is almost impossible.

Revival dress // Sportsgirl loafers // Valleygirl heart earrings // ASOS bag // Diva 'Love' ring // Love Couture sunglasses

So, I got these earrings at Love Couture. It's a horribly tacky-sounding name, but the shop isn't too bad. Last time I went there (which was the first time I've ever been there), I got these awesome Miu Miu (or maybe Prada?) inspired sunglasses, some little skull bracelets, and a pair of earrings. Not too shabby. But I was especially pleased to find such crazy glasses being sold for $12.99. 

And this is my adorable ASOS bag! I've never really been into bags in a huge way, but I'm starting to build up quite a collection. I saw this one on Cupcake's Clothes and immediately started poring over the ASOS site, trying to find it. They have a turquoise version as well, which I was very tempted to buy, but I'm glad I went with the pink. 

And this last photo is me, in full (well, sort of) 'song-and-dance number' mode. Nothing like a casual side kick here and there. 

I thought I'd leave you with this little clip of Bret McKenzie (of Flight Of The Conchords fame), and Kermit the Frog, singing one of the songs from the movie... which Bret McKenzie actually wrote! I like this movie even more now that this delicious slice of Kiwi is involved. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. I really love the outfit - especially the bag. I usually just have one bag, use it until it "dies" and then buy another. I think maybe I should have more than one bag:P

    Also I love your hair!

  2. Oh hey lovebug! OH BRET *le sigh!* I adore your dress, you're looking as lovely as ever. Let me know when you'd like some dinners!

  3. Looking good! I love the dress & that scalloped bag is gorgeous. I love Jason Segel as well, I secretly think he's such a babe.

  4. I've been hanging out to see The Muppets Movie! Might have to catch it this weekend.

    Love that last shot of you. Classic!

  5. I do love Flight of the Conchords, but Jermaine was always my fave - is he in the movie?
    I really like your 'love' ring, I recently found a great vintage 80's necklace on Ebay, which simply says 'etc' - its awesome :)
    Gems x

  6. Your bag is in a post by Rookie about Lila Fowler!

    Rookie, ASOS and The Sweet Valley Twins are an amazing combo.


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