Wonderful Christmastime

Hello hello! I had a wonderful Christmas day with my mum's side of the family. We went to my uncle's beautiful house and had a MASSIVE feast of turkey (with two kinds of stuffings), ham, these delicious salads, and Christmas pudding. It was amazing! Even more fun was getting to see my cousins, uncles and aunties, especially my aunt, uncle and cousin who had flown in from Melbourne. It was gorgeous weather (not too hot!), and I got to spend the afternoon playing with my adorable godson, his brother and their new lightsabers, which were mainly used for "killing girls and girl germs".

1. A family photo interrupted by Molly, my uncle's schnoodle puppy.
2. I made this trifle! I was so proud, and it was delicious (if I do say so myself).
3. Present excitement! I got some wonderful things that I will show you very soon.
4. My shoes! I got them half price at the Forever New sale. I love them and they are lovely and sparkly but VERY uncomfortable.
5. Christmas cake! I don't really eat it, for some reason, but it sure looked pretty.
6. Me and my gorgeous godson Adam. He doesn't really let me pick him up very much anymore so this is a very rare photo indeed!
7. I really love puppies so I was ecstatic that Molly was such an easygoing pup!
8. My Christmas day outfit, consisting of a Temt dress, Forever New embellished flats, rings from Sportsgirl, ASOS and Diva, and bracelets from Love Couture, David Jones, a shop in Bunbury and Diva. And earrings from Love Couture.
9. My dad & I.
10. Another family photo, this time with my grandparents and my cousin (down the front with me) insisting on making gruesome faces.

I hope you and your loved ones all had lovely Christmases as well! It's back to normal for me tomorrow, I'm back at work and working pretty much up until New Year's Eve. But, hopefully I'll be able to make time to show you some of my rather excellent presents & Christmas instagrams!


Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmas Time

{One of the highest rated comments on this song was "I used to hate this song, but now it ain't Christmas until I hear it on a compilation CD." I totally agree! This song used to really grate my nerves, but now I love it.}

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