Santa Baby...

This has been my busiest month of the year BY FAR, so I apologise for letting my blog posts slide! Obviously retail work gets a lot more hectic around Christmas, and my work for Xpress has been getting crazy busy as well - not that I'm complaining in the slightest, I adore both jobs! Even my job at Sussan, which includes putting up with crazy Christmas customers. People get a bit insane (and rude) around this time of year.

I know that December 21st is a bit late to be doing Christmas wishlists - and to be honest, my family already got my wishlist a long time ago - but I thought I would show you guys what I've been lusting over for the past month or so (and perhaps send a helpful hint in my boyfriend's direction). So, here goes...

1. Trashy Diva Luscious Libations dress, $137.99 from Modcloth
2. Irregular Choice Sundae Best heels, $149.99 from Modcloth
3. Fujufilm Instax Camera, $85 from Officeworks
4. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon VIII heels in nude, $202.80 from ASOS
5. ASOS PURR heels in cat print, $126.75 from ASOS
6. World's Smallest Lookbook necklace in 70s,, $34.99 from Modcloth
7. What's the Story, Winston? necklace, $19.99 from Modcloth
8. Glowing Out For Pizza string lights, $29.99 from Modcloth
9. Gala Curious Eternal Ties pendant in Lilac, $99 (on sale!) from The Dreamery
10. Drown Dross ring, $79 from Alegorie

I don't ask for much, do I? If Santa could also give me the sudden ability (and desire) to do yoga everyday, turn down all the awful food-court meals I've been eating while working and help me manage my time more wisely, I would be just as happy...

Now I am off to catch up with the always lovely Lisa Grace for dinner at a new Mexican place... so hopefully (hopefully!) there should be photos to follow!


Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby

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