Mr Pink

HELLO! I literally just got home from the hairdresser and ran outside again to take these shots - that's how excited I am about my new hair! I finally got my act together and booked another appointment with the wonderful Bee, and I had missed her so much! Since the last time I saw her, she's moved into a whole HOUSE (as opposed to a room upstairs from some artists), which also has beautiful Little Gracie clothes everywhere! I was in heaven.

Anyway one morning last week I woke up and thought, "I miss having coloured hair." Usually I take ages and agonise over what to do with my hair, but this week I just chose not to think it through so much and decided to go pink! I'm in love. Apparently it will fade better than the blue as well.

Vintage dress // Wittner loafers // Valleygirl earrings // Pink hair by Peggy Sues Hair

Since I was pretty sure I'd be coming home with pink-tinged locks, I thought that this vintage dress would match perfectly. I got it from Winifred & Bance during their closing down sale (boo hoo!). It was half price. It is awesome... though the polyester's not great for such a hot day!

I thought the dress lent itself to some Twiggy-esque jumpings shots... how wrong I was! How do people do it and still manage to look good in outfit shots?! This is one of about fifteen jumping shots I tried and in most of them I look extremely derpy.

Well I know this is a super-short post but I have to run and get some stuff done before Xzibit tonight (I'm reviewing it!). I hope you all have fabulous Fridays!


George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag 
(well I had to keep up the Reservoir Dogs references, didn't I? LUV U STEVE BUSCEMI)


  1. Love it! I've been wanting to do the same with my hair...exactly the same actually, except mine is dark blonde not dark brown/black!

    I haven't done the colour thing before so I'm a little nervous... how long does it last?

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I totally understand the 'missing coloured hair' feeling.

  3. Love the pink & I love the dress! I feel like my hair could use some colour at the moment too, but I'm a little nervous about flat-out asking how my new boss feels about unnatural hair colors, especially since I work in daycare now.


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