Is That All There Is?

Hello hello! I thought I would just pop in and say hello, even though I have had barely any time to breathe this week, let alone post! I've been balancing my part-time job at Sussan (which is where the gray tee is from, in case you were wondering - it's so comfortable) with helping out at Xpress a couple of days a week for the next couple of weeks and doing all my regular reviews and stories. So it's been pretty busy!

Amidst all the hubbub, my wonderful boyfriend managed to set up my IKEA desk, so now I have my own little home office (which shares space with the Man Cave of the house) so now I can blog from my little desk AND I have an excuse to buy office-y things, like this ridiculous rose pen from Typo. Oh how professional I feel signing off important documents with this.

Anyway I'm sorry things have been a bit quiet here, but things are going great and I am super excited about the holiday season and 2012! I hope all you readers have been having similarly fantastic weeks. '


{please ignore the falling-down poster in the background... my house is going through a bit of a moving-around stage at the moment! I will be sure to share many a photo when it's done, though!}

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