Ch-Check It Out

So I got some new floors in my kitchen and dining room, and I thought that before I moved my furniture in it would be fun to take some photos! To be honest, I'm pretty tempted to not put any furniture back in and just reserve the place for retro dance parties...

Vintage dress // Sportsgirl shoes // Diva Pacman earrings

Sorry to wear this dress again so soon after it's last outfit post, but it was perfect for the thirty degree heat in Perth today! It's made out of cotton (as opposed to polyester, like most of my vintage dresses - including the one in the last post, which is why the pictures turned out so awful, I was so hot and gross!) and is so comfortable for the insane heat. Besides, I think it's a happy dress. It certainly made people smile all day!

You can't really see it in the photos but my pink hair is still going strong! It isn't as bright since I washed it, but a fresh coat of Manic Panic should do the trick. I don't know, I kind of like the frosty pink as opposed to UBER BRIGHT.

Well, now I am off to watch the Steve Buscemi/Black Keys episode of Saturday Night Live. I am too excited! I don't know where they got the GENIUS idea to cast both of them in one episode but I'm pretty sure it's a dream come true for me?! Ahhh!

And I suppose I had better put my furniture back in my dining room and kitchen. Boo! Maybe I'll just turn it into a retro diner and run around in this dress serving burgers and shakes. Hey, a girl can dream!


Beastie Boys - Ch-Check It Out


  1. aw tara thats a gorgeous dress on you! love it! especially the lovely wall deco you have going on too :)

  2. Think of all the dancing you will be doing on this floor! So cool.

  3. Wow if I had a retro dining area, it would probably stop me from eating in front of the television! I love it :P

  4. I can't blame you for wearing this dress heaps, it is adorable! And it fits you so beautifully.

    I would have been tempted not to bring any furniture into the place either - it's perfect for retro dance parties, and outfit photos!

  5. Gorgeous! Ah I used that bunting from Typo at my wedding! Love!


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