Pom Pom Fever

This outfit is what I wore on Halloween night. It isn't very Halloweeny at all - unless you count the fact that it's a black skirt - but I liked it and it felt somehow appropriate. It's actually the first time I've worn this skirt, I bought it from Urban Outfitters at the start of the year but there's never been a very appropriate time to wear it. Quite a few of the little pom-poms have already fallen off so I'm a bit sad about that.

TBA skirt // French Connection shirt // Novo wedges // Diva owl ring

So as I was saying, I bought this skirt ages ago when it was on sale. I think it was about thirty dollars down from about $130, so it was a pretty good find! I was a bit disappointed with the quality, though... but, it's TBA and I love them unconditionally! This skirt was from a collection I really loved, and I do like the kind of '50s shape of it. It makes me feel a bit like a housewife in a Tim Burton movie. I'm excited to dress it up with a nice black top and ridiculously high heels, but this was suffice for an evening that involved delicious home-cooked dinners and watching Scream for the first time (my opinion? Not that scary).



  1. Scream isn't supposed to be scary. It's supposed to be a humorous ironic dig at horror movie conventions, which
    didn't stop me having endless repetitive nightmares about the Ghostface when I was 8 and my best friend forced me to watch it...
    I also scored from the TBA sale, but at ASOS. Mine was better quality though, sucks when illusions are kind of shattered, huh?

  2. cripes I thought the subject of this post was porn porn heaven - I was like ‘what the...this isn’t what she usually writes about’. Obviously didn’t stop me from reading it though. Poms poms are significantly better!

  3. ah, pom poms! So cool! I didn't see them at first and didn't understand your title so much but when I did, yay :) I feel the All Hallows Eve vibes v. strongly x x

  4. Leah - Ah, I got all the self-referential things about horror movies in Scream but I didn't know that the whole thing wasn't meant to be taken seriously! I'm glad I've finally seen it though, it was quite enjoyable. And it DOES suck about the illusions being shattered! I think it had more to do with the time the skirt spent being trampled on my bedroom floor than a real lack of quality, haha.
    Sam - HAHA! I don't even want to THINK about what kind of clothes would inspire a post like that (probably not many clothes, but you know).
    Tess - Haha, I guess it's not really like pom pom fever. Maybe just a pom pom slight cold or something. They are quite subtle in the photos but definitely noticeable in real life!


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