Please, Mr Postman!

The recent kerfuffle with QANTAS means that quite a few of the things I've ordered are still in transit. So, in lieu of showing you the actual pieces themselves, I thought I'd share what I've bought in the last month or so! Hooray for having a job that actually gives you more than three hours a week!

1. Good Enough To Eat dress, ModCloth
I'd actually forgotten all about this dress until I logged back into my ModCloth account for the first time in ages and saw that it was back in stock. I hadn't actually remembered putting it on my wishlist in the first place, but I was pretty smitten with it's delicious junk food print (you might remember it from my post about food-themed clothes a few weeks ago). Luckily, by the time I finished umming and aahing over it, ModCloth had reduced their shipping prices, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

2. Rodarte for Target dress, via eBay
I bought the mustard version of this dress sometime last year, but I never ended up wearing it. Because I have no idea what U.S Target junior sizing is like, I thought I'd better go for the largest size just in case. Well, it always ended up looking funny and not very flattering, and the mustard colour really wasn't me. Or at least, not in that style of dress - it was really feminine, and even though I love the look on other people, wearing big biker boots or something grungy with it just looked weird on me. Fingers crossed that the nude one looks ten times better and is about a thousand times more versatile!

3. River Island Apple Print prom dress from ASOS
This dress and I have a convoluted history. I fell in love with it when I saw it in ASOS' sale section, but due to my aforementioned job I never had enough money to buy it. Then one of my friends mentioned she had the exact same one, so I thought maybe I should refrain from buying it (and smuggle it out of her house when she wasn't looking. Just joking... kind of). It went between my saved items list and shopping basket over about a month, and kept getting sold out and re-stocked - are you trying to tease me, ASOS?! In the end I bit the bullet and bought it, and now I can't wait to style it up with some clogs for summer.

4. ASOS heels
I don't feel like I have very many "girlie" pairs of shoes (that I wear on a regular basis). I'm hoping these ASOS beauties will help fill the gap - the heel looks wide enough that they won't be a pain to wear, and I'm in love with the dusky pink colour and the perforation on them. I've already pictured them with many, many, many different outfits (that's the sign of a good purchase, right?) and they'll be perfect with gorgeous summery dresses.

The Beatles - Please Mr Postman


  1. Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage - Thank you! I can't wait for them all to arrive so I can actually style them up in outfit posts!
    indie.electronic.alternative - It's gorgeous, isn't it? I love that they're so cheap on eBay now as well!


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