Brooch The Subject

I seem to have amassed quite the collection of brooches, even though I rarely wear them in outfit posts. They've been bought, gifted or handed down to me over the years and even though they don't get the attention (and wear) they deserve, I love them all dearly. It's funny how many memories and sentiments can get attached to inanimate objects, isn't it?

{The kangaroo trophy head brooch is from Pigeonhole; the mix tape brooch, "Hello, I like to skim stones and take long walks in the park" badge and the ampersand are all from the Unwrapped markets; the blue bird and the deer are both leather brooches by My Girl Gwendoline; the carrot is from Corky St Clair in Melbourne; the owl was a gift from my sister; the Vespa was a gift from my friend Cat; the gun is by OSIER; the Mexcellent badge is Limedrop from Pigeonhole, bought during a Mexican-themed production week at uni; and the "No Swimming - Crocodiles", beefeater, and American flag badges belonged to my grandparents.}



  1. Mexcellent just became my new favourite adjective, oh my god.

  2. Mexcellent is spectacular, I like the "hello" one too. So cute! x x tess

  3. Love the owl one, and the name tag! A very cute collection.

  4. Mexcellent is sooooo good ^_^

  5. Oooh these are really quirky - I love the hello badge especially.

  6. I am in love with the skim stones one! Do you know who made it?!?!?! :)

  7. these badges are SO lovely! the skim tones one is so cute.. can i have it...? :P

    haha cute blog.

    zebra and meerkat

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