Awoke on a Whale Heart

I thought I'd pop in and do a post on a Saturday to let you know about a discount code for Awoke on a Whale Heart, who I mentioned just recently in one of my What I Wore posts - their stall at the Beaufort St Markets is where I found my excellent (or as some - ahem, the BSC members - would say, extremely chilly) Claudia Kishi dress. Liz from Awoke let me know on my Facebook page that there's a code for you lovely readers - just enter the code "TEACUP" at checkout to get a whopping 20% off your purchases! Hooray! Vintage for all! So have a mosey on down to their fantastic shop... here's what I've got my eye on!

Martine shoulder bag, Fumihoko dress, Orculos dress

Lisbon dress, Venturi dress, Britta dress

Jerry Garcia tee, Fang Island dress, Coeur blouse

Thanks so much to Awoke on a Whale Heart for the offer! Happy shopping, everybody!

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