Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all the way from Perth! I unfortunately didn't get to dress up this year - well, I did go to a Mexican-themed 21st on the weekend, but it's not the same as going all out in a freaky costume. So I decided to pull out the Halloween cardigan I got, oh, about two years ago and have never actually worn on Halloween.

I hope your Halloween is all spooky and freaky! I have no plans apart from watching horror movies with my boyfriend tonight, which sounds pretty alright to me. If you have any scary movie suggestions let me know - the only one I've locked in is Scream, which I've never seen before!



  1. swell, swell, swell jumper! Perth is a wee bit of a quiet place during Hallowe'en - I think all the trick o' treaters have come and gone already. Have a great night! xx

  2. that is by far the awesomest jumper i have ever come across.

    i really hope you dont wear it exclusively on halloween. all year round i say!


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