Frock Up For Frocktober

You might have seen a few bloggers posting about Frocktober. Frocktober is an initiative that supports the Australian Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation, and participants are sponsored by their friends and family (and blog readers!) to wear a dress for every day in Frocktober. Now, it's already almost the end of October but you can still help out by buying this adorable dress from Modcloth. I saw it on Jen Loves Kev and I thought it was an awesome idea! 20% of the proceeds from this dress will go to the Ovarion Cancer Research Foundation, and the colour combination is exclusive to Modcloth. So if you want to help out ovarian cancer research - and look cute doing it - why not pop over to Modcloth and snap up this dress?

You can also donate to two of my favourite bloggers who are participating - Le Blog de Sushi and Lady Melbourne.

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