What I Wore 07.09.11

Hello again! First of all I wanted to say thank you for the lovely response to the Gin in a Teacup Facebook page, if you haven't clicked 'like' yet then you can do so on the sidebar, should you be so inclined. That's where all my Instagram photos go, and some extra photos that don't make it into blog posts will probably end up there as well. It's pretty rad.

This is what I wore out to lunch today with my friend Richenda. We felt like a big pub lunch so decided to go to the Inglewood Hotel... this was not the best choice. Every time I go there the staff are really rude and this time my food was decidedly average. Boo!

I decided to wear this dress I got from Modcloth ages ago. Usually I wear it with the sleeves pushed up but I'm a bit into the massive bell sleeves at the moment, and so today they are out in their full '70s-esque glory. I actually had this whole "kooky heiress from the 1970s" vibe going on where I had a big headscarf wrapped into a turban and big earrings on as well... and then I remembered that the Inglewood Hotel is primarily a sports bar and the average punter there might not be ready for that much look at lunchtime on a Wednesday.

Ark & Co dress//Black tights//Rubi clogs//Diva ring

I can take birds or I can leave them. I'm not a huge fan, especially birds that chirp outside my window at 11:30pm every night (and which my boyfriend kindly explained is most likely an owl, not birds, but anyway). My experiences with birds are more akin to Tippi Hedren in, well, The Birds than a Disney heroine singing to a cherubic swallow outside their bedroom window. But on clothes and on house decor, I can't get enough of them. Maybe I just like them when they're stationary and, you know, not real. Just like in this Portlandia skit.

Anyway, tonight I am off to the Shop 28 VIP night, so watch out for a post on that in the next couple of days!


The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun


  1. Lovely outfiit , I love ure dress ! And the first photos is amazing :D <3

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  2. lovely ring !!! www.litzybella.com

  3. That dress is so cute! I quite like the sleeves. I've had more bad experiences with real birds than good ones as well - I'm terrified of being swooped by them!

  4. Love the brightness of your dress! The bird print is just adorable xx



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