What I Wore 04.09.11 (plus puppies and Facebook!)

So this outfit features my new favourite accessory - my boyfriend's puppy named Jerry. I think I'm in love.

 Valleygirl skirt & belt//Sportsgirl tank & loafers//Target cropped cardigan//Diva ring//My nan's earrings

In these photos you can kind of see my new hair! I did a review at Elements Aveda salon in Subiaco, which will be up on the blog in the next couple of days. And no, I'm not sure why it looks grey in the first photo. Instead of a straight-up Bettie Page style, my hairdresser Bree cut it into a kind of Penny Lane in Almost Famous '70s shaggy long bob (but still keeping my fringe, phew!).

This outfit is kind of similar to the one I posted a while ago, in that it features something from a chain store that I never usually go into (in this case Valleygirl, in the last case Temt) and find something that I absolutely love. This skirt seems so Audrey Hepburn-ish, especially with these loafers that for some reason everyone assumes are vintage? I don't really mind. They are quite cute and I am already planning which spring/summer outfits to wear them with.

I forgot to take a proper photo, but I'm wearing my owl ring for my dad, since it's Father's Day over here and all. My dad's collected owls ever since I was born, probably before, and so all my owly things are at least a little bit inspired by him. And I know he reads my blog, so happy Father's Day, dad! I love you!

Now that I've drawn you in with an adorable puppy, I thought I would bring up the fact that I've made a Facebook page for my blog! You can like Gin in a Teacup on Facebook here. Please help it be a little less lonely!

Anyway, I am as sleepy as Jerry is in that last photo, so I am going to curl up on the couch with a book! I hope your weekends have been excellent!



  1. Ahhh puppy!! Love your new 'do. :)

  2. Your new hair do looks lovely! Your outfit is super cute as well. I would have never guessed that the skirt came from Valleygirl! The loafers are adorable as well (although not as adorable as Jerry!).

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