What I Wore 22.08.11

Hello again! I had the day off today so I'm getting caught up on my blog posts, and I went to get some new work clothes, which was depressingly expensive. I had been waiting all weekend to do an ASOS order as soon as I had money; $200 on work clothes later and I guess ASOS will have to wait. I kind of hate buying clothes for work (I work in a department store) because a) the brand isn't really my style and b) it's no fun buying clothes when you feel forced to. I was quite happy with what I found today, though - I even bought a pair of trousers, which I never wear!

This is the exact same style skirt that I wore in an outfit post not too long ago; I was so happy to find sheer pleated maxis that I bought two of them. I didn't know how much wear I would get out of this one - I hardly ever wear pink, even though it's one of my favourite colours and is used quite liberally in all my home decorating - but I paired it with this floral shirt from Dotti and I think it looks okay.

Sportsgirl skirt//Dotti top//Target cardigan//Tan flats, can't quite remember where from!//Diva ring and earrings

So just a short post today, I'm sorry! I have posts lined up for every day this week (!!) so please come back tomorrow! Here's a melancholy song to match my melancholy mood. 

The Pogues - Dirty Old Town




  1. Beautiful Outfiit <3 , And You Look soo pretty ; as usual ;) <3

    Kisses nd huugs from Doudinou <3

  2. That skirt looks positively dreamy. I love it with the floral shirt - and I also hate buying clothes for work, even worse because I have to wear a white shirt & black pants.

  3. Doudinou - Oh thank you! That's very lovely of you to say :)
    Miss Peregrin - Oh I used to have to wear all black for work, I hated it! I've already returned some of what I bought :(


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