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A couple of Tuesdays ago I decided to walk in and make an appointment to get tattooed. And so I did. My friend Trish (who has many, many, many tattoos and so was a very good person to have with me) came with me and her boyfriend's best friend tattooed a teeny tiny heart on my forearm.

This is me bursting with excitement in the waiting room. 

This is me somewhat nervously getting tattooed. I've never been scared of needles or anything like that but it wasn't the most comfortable experience I've ever gone through. It was made slightly more surreal by the fact that the Hooray For Boobies album by the Bloodhound Gang was playing the whole time... yes, I got tattooed to the sweet sounds of "The Bad Touch". 

And this is me afterwards in Planet Books looking pretty pleased with myself. 

And finally, this is how it looked later that night. You can't really see how swollen it was, but it was a bit flaky, which freaked me out until I was assured that was normal. I'm STILL waiting for it to heal properly and now it's at the itchy stage, but I am so happy that I got it. It's the best (early) 22nd birthday present I could have given myself!

I just wanted to say thank you to Holdfast Tattoo for being so wonderful, and especially to my tattooist Jed who did such a fantastic job on my tattoo and made sure I was happy with it and comfortable every step of the (admittedly quite short) way! I would definitely recommend them, they're all extremely talented and I definitely can't wait to visit them again!


The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch


  1. Awhh it's really cute :) xo

  2. Don't know what you're Dad will say ... !

  3. oh my gosh thats the tatt im getting at 5 star tattoos in freo!! my heart is a lot different so don't worry, we wont have the same tattoo. your new tatt is very very sweet. i hope mine is as nice as yours. all girls should wear their heart on their sleeve xox

  4. That's a gorgeous little tatt, and I think it really suits you. Gotta love getting tattooed to The Bad Touch, hahaha.

  5. Kate's Irrelevant - Thank you! I think so too :)
    Chris - I think he would be pretty cool with it because he's a pretty cool guy. So I've heard.
    non_fiction - Your comment was so sweet! I hope your tattoo goes well, too!
    Miss Peregrin - Haha it was so bizarre it took my mind off the fact that I was getting tattooed!

  6. Ooh nice one! Watch out though, it's addictive! ;)


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