Little Things 01.08.11

Here are some more photos from around the place! I haven't picked up my camera much lately - although I'm trying to more often! - so these ones are just from my phone. It's been a while since my last Little Things update so this one's got a few extra photos for you.

{I really liked how the ice-cream matched my nail polish. And I liked the fact that I could get ice-cream for the Mr Whippy van while all the kids on my street weren't allowed to spend their pocket money. Sucked in, kids.}

{I've been trying to remember to take photos of my accessories, too. Here's my knock-off House of Harlow ring from Diva that I wore all the way back at the start of last month.}

{One of my best and most lovely friends Emma made our little friend-family a roast dinner a few weeks ago. It was easily one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten.}

{Speaking of Emma, this is us at the Harry Potter movie. You might remember the outfit from here.}

{These are my aunty's adorable and very energetic dogs. I included both photos because they were taken the weekend after I dyed my hair, so you can really see how blue it is in the first picture!}

{This was taken the day my sister and I had lunch at Heavenly Plate; you can see my outfit post from that day here. It has the sweetest decor and was actually quite tasty.}

{Proof of said tastiness: mango bruschetta. Delicious.}

{And to end with, my friend's eerily realistic Senor Chang shirt. I don't know why this was one of the only photos I took at On The Bright Side, where I could have been taking snaps of the wonderfully sexy Jarvis Cocker or The Hives, but there you go.}

Hope you've enjoyed the mini-update! I am actually really looking forward to this month. It's my birthday month and all and I have some very exciting things coming up that hopefully I can share soon!



  1. Very cute :) I like photo diaries like this.

    That last shirt is so freaky- took me ages to figure out it was a tshirt and not real!!

    xx S

  2. Agreed, that last shirt is super-creepy! I was so convinced it was real for a minute there. I love all your little snaps - and your nail polish does match the icecream well in that first pic!

  3. Le Fanciulle - Haha I know, how creepy is it?! We made him keep his jacket zipped up all day!
    Miss Peregrin - Thank you! x


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