General Pants Co.

I'm a little late in posting about it, but I'm really excited that General Pants Co is coming to Perth! It's one of the stores that I always make a point to go into when I go to Melbourne, because a lot of the brands aren't available in Perth. I've bought some of the most-loved pieces in my wardrobe from there.

Anyway, I think it will be open in a couple of weeks, so I've been putting together some wishlists of things I intend to buy from them as soon as possible!

Clearly I have a little bit of a thing for polka dots at the moment - I'm really glad they're going to be on trend for spring, because I've seen them popping up everywhere in stores at the moment! I love the black and white dress because it has a Peter Pan collar (of course), and the orange dress looks so perfectly 60's but not too much like a shapeless shift dress.

I'm still loving sheer skirts, and this beautiful burgundy one is a perfect length and colour. I think the Something Else knotted skirt is very cute (and nautical stuff is always around in summer) and would look adorable paired with a Breton top. The Don't Ask Amanda midi skirt is another beautiful colour and I can picture so many ways to wear it! It's definitely at the top of my wishlist!

Not very surprising that my favourite shirts would include Peter Pan collars and florals, but here they are. I don't know, I hardly ever buy shirts! I do love the vintage sailor feel of the white shirt, and the floral print would look really nice with a high waisted miniskirt.

And finally, the shoes and accessories I have my eye on. I love the floral Doc Martens - I've wanted a pair for YEARS - and there's some of the Henry Holland suspender tights in there as well. I've been coveting a pair of those for ages but shipping from overseas tights is crazy expensive, considering it's just a pair of tights! I'll be so happy to finally get my hands on a pair! Oh, and the inclusion of the calculator watch is admittedly random, but I think they're insanely cool and I just really want one. For all the sums  I have to do on a daily basis... obviously.

I can't wait for the store to open and hopefully I'll be able to show you guys my General Pants goodies soon!


{all pictures from the General Pants Co. website}

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