Back to Black

I went to get my hair cut and coloured today, at Peggy Sues like always, and my hairdresser Bee very kindly did my hair in a beehive for a Mods vs Rockers themed 21st I'm going to tomorrow. I'll give you a proper look at my hair (and of course my costume!) tomorrow, but for now here's a sneak peek and my new favourite nailpolish, 'Gold Coin' by Revlon.

I decided to go back to brunette - I LOVED my blue hair but it faded SO quickly and left my hair looking kind of like bayalage, but without any gradient so my hair just went from really dark to really blond and it looked kind of weird. Plus it was in horrible condition, so in the end I just went for this Bettie Page inspired style.

I do quite like my hair like this, it reminds me of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and the gorgeous hairstyles she frequently has in her outfit photos!

Anyway I am only taking a tiny break to show these photos because I'm cleaning my house before my parents come up tomorrow, but here's a tune that will get you swingin' for the weekend.

The Andrews Sisters - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy



  1. Luv the new haircuut :x , It makes u look prettier :)

  2. Love it, awesome nailpolish too!

  3. Doudinou - Thank you! I'm very glad to be back to my (almost) natural colour!
    Vixel - Thanks! I know it's a bit smudged, I'm not as good as the UK bloggers when it comes to nails!


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