What I Wore 28.07.11

This isn't the most blog-worthy of outfits, it's really just something I chucked on to go to the shops and get ingredients for cupcakes. We've had a very stormy couple of days in Perth, so on my one day off this week I was very much into the comfort dressing more than anything else. But hey, I like seeing the casual outfits on people's blogs just as much as the fancy ones, don't you? No? Just me?

Princess Highway dress//Cotton On cardigan//Black tights//Novo shoes//Osier owl ring//Sportsgirl headband

I bought this dress at the start of the year to wear to the Laneway Festival and wore it pretty much all summer, but I don't think I've blogged it before. I really love the shape and the print of it, but it's that kind of fabric that pills pretty much straightaway. I was kind of peeved because it wasn't a cheap dress, and now it's relegated to 'days off' dressing instead of being worn as much as I'd hoped.

You can see the print a bit better here. I'm not sure why I was drawn to a horse print - I went through that requisite wanting a pony phase that most young girls seem to go through, although mine only involved reading Pony Pals books and begging my parents for riding lessons rather than doing any actual horse riding.

It's also the first outing for my new shoes! I had hoped to wear them last night to this 50s themed winter dance, but the weather put a (literal) dampener on those plans and I ended up staying in and cooking pasta bake and watching Whose Line Is It Anyway. Which is almost as good, I guess.

Anyway, I am off to make a mess of my kitchen! I'm making peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate fudge icing and strawberry and cream cupcakes. DELICIOUS.



  1. I like seeing casual outfits, as I find I need far more inspiration when I'm casual as dressing up is more 'fun' to plan!

    Love the horse print and how you've styled the Novo shoes.

  2. I love seeing other peoples casual outfits! So, you're not a freak. Or we're freaks together, either way.

    That horse-print dress is really cute. I love the cut, and the colour is amazing. It's a shame about the pilling fabric!

  3. i really love dress patterns like that. you can't quite tell what they are at first (they just look like lines or something) and then you look closer and pick out actual images and characters!

  4. Jaztee - I totally agree! I love day-to-day outfits and even making a little bit of an effort with casual outfits makes me feel so much better!
    Miss Peregrin - It really is a shame about the fabric! I washed it according to the instructions and everything, but it's that kind of stretchy fabric that you can tell is going to be a nightmare...
    patience - I love them too! I usually find them in vintage dresses, I was quite chuffed to see it in a 'new' design!


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