What I Wore 26.07.11

Hello! I'm about to head off to lunch with my sister. Once she gets back to uni she's usually incredibly busy so this is my last chance to catch up properly for a while. We're going to a place called Heavenly Plate in South Perth.

Sportsgirl skirt, ring, loafers and earrings//Living Doll bodysuit//Vintage belt

This is one of the new skirts I picked up last week. I actually wore almost this exact same outfit on Sunday night, prompting a "You look like Bellatrix Lestrange" comment. I wasn't exactly going for an evil witch/Death Eater look, but I do quite like Helena Bonham Carter so I didn't mind too much. I think it was meant as a compliment?

Anyway, as you might remember, I've been looking for a black pleated maxi skirt for AGES, so I was very happy to find this one from Sportsgirl for $35. I didn't realise how much Sportsgirl I was wearing until I typed this up... I feel a bit embarrassed now.

You can also kind of see my new hair in these pictures. It's already faded quite a bit, to more of a sea-green than a blue, but I still love it. Please excuse how messy it is! I'm getting it retouched in about a month so hopefully it still keeps SOME colour until then. If anyone has any tips for looking after coloured hair, please let me know, the ends of my hair are pretty much fried.

The weather was finally cooperative enough for me to take photos outside! This is a teeny portion of my huge, overgrown back garden. I also wanted to say thanks for your lovely comments on the post about my house, I really appreciated how sweet everyone was.

Anyway, I'm off to lunch and then to Bridesmaids (I didn't get to see it the other week, so I am VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing it tonight! I booked tickets just to make sure I would get to see it). Have an excellent Tuesday!



  1. I LOVE that skirt - I have been wanting a pleated maxi skirt too! I wonder if they still have them...i love it styled with the black top.

  2. This is a really nice pleated skirt! I love pleats and you look great in this outfit.

  3. This is by far my favourite outfit of yours!! You suit maxis so well! :)
    xx S

  4. Megan - Thank you! They come in a dusky pink as well... I may have bought that one too! It's MUCH harder to style than the black one.
    Fashion Addict - I love pleats too! I do quite like floating around in this skirt, thank you!
    Le Fanciulle - Thanks so much! It's a favourite outfit of mine now too, so simple but so comfy!


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