What I Wore 14.07.11

Today I'm going to see the last Harry Potter movie and I am kind of sad and excited and then feel silly for getting worked up over a movie, but then I have read the books since I was 11 and that's probably the only time I've stuck with something for ten years. So. It's pretty cool.

YOU KNOW I took the opportunity to bust out my Harry Stardust tee. My skirt also has owls on it.

Made With Awesome shirt//Target blazer//Final Touch skirt via Modcloth//Black tights//Target boots

Oh, I have blue in my hair now as well! You can't really see at the moment but I'm so in love with it. I will write more about it when I'm not running out the door to get to see Harry (and Ron, my personal favourite. Gotta have a soft spot for those gingers).



  1. I maintain that all awesome people love the gingers. Word, sista.

  2. wow! love all this! your dressed perfectly for the last movie! im with you! im excited and sad dont want it to end! but I know its going to be AWESOME!!

    oh and love the blue hair too! more photos! more photos!

  3. You look adorable! And I've got to second that all awesome people love the gingers. ;P

  4. Sam - Gingers rule... obviously. I'm glad you agree.
    Maebe Isadora - Yes photos are still coming, I'm a bad blogger! How fantastic was the last movie? I cried A LOT.
    Miss Peregrin - Haha! Thank you lovely :)


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