What I Wore 05.07.11

Hello again! I'm back to show off the coat I scored in the sales the other day. Sorry for the bad lighting, but it was pitch black by the time I got dressed and got my tripod set up! Tonight I'm off to ANOTHER family dinner - my aunty is in town before she goes off to New York, and my grandma's about to go on holidays to France. It makes me feel a little bitter about dreary old Perth.

So yes, this is the One Teaspoon coat I mentioned the other day. It was $260 (waaay out of my price range!), then it went down to half price in the clearance, so with my staff discount it came to just over $100. It's still a little extravagant for what is basically a long cardigan, but I've been obsessed with it and its little bobbly hearts since I saw it. Which is weird, because I'm usually pretty unimpressed by One Teaspoon.

One Teaspoon knitted coat//Mink Pink dress//Vintage belt//Diva ring//Sportsgirl earrings//Black tights//Target boots

Not so sure why I have an obsession with touching my collarbone in these pictures... Anyway. These are my favourite shoes for winter so far. They were ridiculously cheap and they'll probably fall apart soon because I've worn them so much (they ARE from Target, after all) but I love them. They're padded on the inside so they're warm as well.

My mum's up tonight so I am off to drink tea and watch some more Project Runway! We're quite harsh judges of the designers.



  1. You are so lovely. That cardigan looks so snuggly and suits you perfectly! x

  2. Ooo, that cardi is gorgeous! I wouldn't have picked it as One Teaspoon if you didn't say that it was. Anyway, I can see why you became obsessed with it!

  3. this jacket/cardigan is so cool! looks so snuggly and warm! and looks great on you too!

  4. Monster Girl - Thank you! It is pretty darn snuggly!
    Miss Peregrin - It's ridiculously comfortable, I love it! It's a bit different from the usual One Teaspoon fare, isn't it? But lovely all the same!
    Maebe Isadora - Thank you lovely, it's my new favourite thing for winter! I hardly ever take it off!


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