What I Wore 03.07.11

I have had quite a busy and delightful weekend. After working all day Saturday and getting this divine One Teaspoon knitted coat (that will hopefully be on the blog soon), I went to my friend's house where she had cooked an amazing and delicious roast dinner. After lots of inappropriate conversation, watching the Tour de France and making everyone listen to Salt n Pepa, I went home and spent most of today recovering. Then, I went to a family dinner for ANOTHER delicious roast, and now I'm in bed watching Fatal Attraction. I'm on a bit of a thriller movie kick at the moment, so if you can recommend any good ones, it would be very much appreciated!

This is what I wore out to dinner today. My lovely sister took the photos at my old/her current apartment, and we kind of had to rush them because the neighbours kept coming outside to take their washing off the line and I got all embarrassed.

Cotton On cardigan//Thrifted blouse//Hi There by Karen Walker shorts//Black tights//Black flats//Diva bracelet & ring//My nan's earrings//Sportsgirl nail polish

It was kind of dark by the time we took the photos so you can't really see the shorts, but they might be my favourite pair ever. I wore them all summer and felt very pin-up girl. I'm not usually one for layering shorts with tights, but I don't mind it so much here.

And here you can kind of see the detail on the blouse. It has these little embroidered lilac flowers down the front and on the collar. It's made out of really nasty polyester, but for $6 I couldn't really say no when I came across it at the op-shop. 

Anyway! Sorry for the rambly post. Hope all your weekends were swell as well! I do rather hope that my next weekend doesn't involve QUITE as much wine...



  1. Oh, the NEIGHBOURS! Tell me about it! They almost *always* bust me taking ridiculous photos of myself!

    Super cute outfit, Tara! I love your ring :)

  2. Is your ring big enough?! Fabbo.

  3. Loving the detail on the collar of that blouse, simply beautiful! Weekends can never involve too much wine Tara!!!
    Hopefully see you around soon lovely.


  4. Neat ring! I love your outfit too - those shorts are damn adorable! Also, I'm glad it's not just my neighbours who bust me at the most embarrassing moments possible when I take outfit photos.

  5. Corrine - Haha! Thankfully they're not my neighbours anymore, so I think my sister was more embarrassed than I was!
    Janiece - Someone always says something along those lines every time I wear it, haha! People either love it or hate it!
    Bonnie Friday - I agree! What is a weekend without wine?! I hope to see you soon too lovely!
    Miss Peregrin - Definitely not just you! I took these at my sister's place, I'm glad that now I live somewhere with an enclosed backyard so I can snap away to my heart's content!


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