A Few Of My Favourite Things

I moved into my grandparent's house at the start of the year, after my granddad passed away, but it's taken a while for it to really feel like MY house. Probably because my grandparents lived in this house my whole life, and my dad owned the house while he was at uni, so there's a lot of family history going on!

Here's a few photos I took this morning of some of the little bits and pieces I've collected since moving here, or belonged to my grandparents.

These are little frames from IKEA, with some wrapping paper my sister brought me from the UK. 

I got this from a random op-shop for $2.

This is also an op-shop find! There's a huge Good Sammys just around the corner from me... Last time I was there I got this, a record, a skirt, two dresses and a pair of shoes for under $30. 

Obi Wan Kenobi babushka doll

Aforementioned vinyl! Don't you love the artwork? 

I mentioned a while ago I was getting these prints from evajuliet on Etsy. I love them! They're very sweet. And the Etsy seller was a dream to work with!

My nan collected cat figurines and I think she used to have a lot more, but these are all that's left (which is still quite a few!). They're in this little display case out the back. When I was little, my favourites were the ones in the bottom right hand corner. 

There's also this cute little thermometer that was my nan's as well. I have no idea if it even works, but it's pretty cool... to be honest I just noticed it today when I was taking photos in the back room!

Hopefully I should have some more stuff to show you soon, my mum and I are planning a few changes for around the house so I'm pretty excited! 



  1. How beautiful that you've kept some of your grandparent's things in the house.

    I'm sure it will feel like home in no time :)

  2. It's so nice that you get to live in their old house with their belongings. Love your nan's cat statues - super cute!

  3. all of these favourite things are ever so cute! I especially love the cat collection! My nans got a few,but nowhere near that many! hahaha

    and I agree with the others, soon it will feel like your home but it is nice to have all your grandparents belongings so close to hand! I've saved many a thing which my mum was going to throw away! I love history! especially things that have been in the family forever!

  4. oh my goz - I have that record too! It is super ace!!

  5. Lovers, Saints & Sailors - It is lovely, I'm glad that I got to move in here rather than the house being sold or knocked down.
    Emma - Hehe I thought you would like them! They are rather adorable, there used to be so many of them. I wish I knew where they'd ended up!
    Maebe Isadora - Oh I love it! It's just weird because I remember coming here as a kid and everything, and now seeing all my stuff here is a bit strange. But like I said, I like to keep their memory here and I love all their retro stuff like crazy!
    Sam - Whaaa? That's crazy! It is pretty ace, I'm glad I took the time to sort through the thousands of Kamahl and Leo Sayer records at the op shop!


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