What I Wore 01.06.11

It's June already! What? WHAT?! Where has this year even gone? For the past couple of weeks I've been busy busy busy with Xpress and uni work, but I took a bit of a break today to have lunch with two of my best friends. We went to this Vietnamese place and they both ordered these AMAZING stir fries. My chicken with rice and vegetables paled very badly in comparison and I ended up sneaking as much of their lunches as possible. I have had terrible luck with ordering at restaurants lately, I always seem to get something that's just a bit... off.

I bought this dress ages ago - before Christmas! - and I haven't worn it until now (and Saturday, when I wore it to see Tom Ballard). It's because it's quite thick fabric and it's only gotten cold enough to wear it in the last couple of weeks. I was tossing up between this colour and black, but I'm glad I went with this. 

ASOS dress//Black tights//Sportsgirl loafers//Diva ring

And I love the back! I can hardly ever wear lower backs without my bra showing so I am very happy with this. I wasn't so happy when I got caught in the rain and my bare back was covered in water, though...

Sorry for the quick post but I have a bunch of CD reviews to write! I can hardly complain about it, really. I love it.


P.s - Even if things are a bit quiet on the blog I still update my tumblr almost every day!


  1. I love your dress! It's so good when you can find low-backed things that manage to not expose your bra line. I think you made a good choice not going with black - this colour is so cute & suits you so well!

  2. Defs prefer this colour over black, it suits you oh so well! I need more dresses with backs like this for my next tatt so I might need some shopping tips :)

  3. What a delightful dress! You look absolutely gorgeous, Tara!

  4. I am loving the color and the cut of the dress.It looks very flattering on you :)I'd love it if you liked to follow each other.Let me know:)


  5. I think Im inlove with your ring just great!

    Nice to find another great perth blog <3


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