Little Things 12.06.11

Here are some photos from around the place recently (all taken with the Instagram app on my iPhone). Even though uni has finished now - for good, everything permitting - I seem to be busier than ever with work experience, trying to fix up my house, and trying to catch up with everyone despite increasingly hectic schedules. If you've seen my tumblr, you'll probably have seen these photos... otherwise, enjoy!

{It's kind of a relief to read things that AREN'T related to uni for a change. The other day I bought High Fidelity (to reread), Farewell My Lovely and Perfume: Stories of a Muderer}

{This is from dinner at What the Pho, where my sister and I went before we saw Tom Ballard. It was very tasty and cheap Vietnamese and I have been dreaming about their duck pancakes with plum sauce ever since. This was the first outing of my ASOS dress, too, and also quite obviously before I learned how to roll my fringe properly}

{This is the carpet in my dining room at the moment, soon to replaced with black and white checkered lino. But I took advantage of it clashing crazily with my new MINKPINK dress, which I wore with my beloved Sportsgirl loafers}

{I still get really excited to see my byline in Xpress. This was for a review of Seasick Steve's latest album, which incidentally I really loved & would recommend! You can read it online here, and my slightly less favourable review for Lenka's album here}

{My cat finally trusts me enough to actually come inside the house, and here it is chilling out on the couch. It generally has this unimpressed expression on its face}

So there is a teeny snippet of what I've been up to! I've been trying to take more outfit photos but by the time I get home it's usually pretty dark. I will prevail, though, because my blog has basically become a graveyard inhabited by tumbleweeds and spammers. Not good!


  1. hahaha my cat does that exact same look. silly thing.

  2. Purfume is by fa the BEST book in the whole world, it is by far my favourtisit of all the books ever written. Read it, read it now!

    I seem to have lost my copy... I must go buy myself a new one!

  3. Hi Tara!
    Everytime I enjoy reading your blog, it's really nice!
    I love outfits too and also your vintage style!
    It's great that uni had finished, I know ;)...

  4. Seasick Steve is fantastic! We saw him play at Sunset Sounds last year and it was the best show of the day. So unassuming and really just wonderfully talented. We already knew about him and had his previous stuff but as soon as the set was done we high-tailed it to the Merch stand and I snagged the last girly T! In fact, it featured in one of my very first blog posts.

  5. Love the loafers! I'm so addicted to them right now - a nice alternative to the ballet flat.

  6. I love the instagram photo quality - very cool. Love your carpet and your cat! :) Thanks for sharing your stylish views!
    Delia from 'What Should I'

  7. Your fringe looks super pretty and I love the clashtastic pic of the carpet and your loafers. Also glad to hear that you are getting on with the kitty!


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