You might remember me posting about Alegorie on here a couple of times, so I was thrilled when Stephanie emailed me with a discount code for you all to use! If you enter the code TEACUP10 at checkout you get 10% off any full-price item. Here's some ideas on what to use it on...

The first outfit features the Moon Cocktail Ring by d_luxe and the Solis Ring Set by Estelle Deve. I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral to offset the gold - even the nail polish is neutral to offset how
beautiful the rings are! I am also a little bit in love with those flats.

I was going to put this Damselfly Bouquet Collar with a gorgeous, strapless black evening gown, but then I thought that might be a bit too... obvious. If you have a necklace as lovely as this, you want to be able to wear it in the day as well, right? So I put it with a sheer black maxi skirt (which I can NOT find in ANY stores in Perth, if you know where one is hiding, please let me know), a cream tee and some wedges to make it a bit more casual. I kept the accessories pretty basic too, to let the necklace be the standout piece - a tan belt and a black clutch are all the outfit needs.


This look features two pieces from the Drown collection, which is my favourite on Alegorie. I have a pair of earrings from the very first collection and I absolutely love them. I love that this current collection is delicate and tough at the same time, so I wanted to try and copy that in the outfit. I put the Detritus Stud Earrings and the Refuse Bangle with this floaty cocktail dress, then added some Litas (even though everyone is sick to death of seeing them all over blogs) and a badass Alexander McQueen clutch. And then some false eyelashes because I am currently obsessed with them, if only I could put them on without stuffing it up!   

So remember to put in TEACUP10 at the checkout for your Alegorie purchases, and also keep in mind there's 40% off the sale items at the moment... and you don't even need a code for that. Excuse me, I'm off to empty my savings account... Thanks Alegorie!

p.s It's been a long time since I've used Polyvore, so I'm sorry I kept posting the sets and the Alegorie items! Hopefully it didn't spam your blog reader too much!


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  1. Mink Pink black, sheer (maxi) skirts $39 at City Beach xx


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