What I Wore 17.05.11

Hello! It feels like ten billion years since I've done at outfit post, so despite the fact that the weather drove me indoors and has given me a cold, here is what I wore today. I think since it's been getting colder I've fallen into a printed dress-cardigan-tights-boots rut. Also a Never Mind the Buzzcocks watching rut. I have been on a crazy COMPLETELY LEGAL downloading spree and watched every season Simon Amstell hosted. I have to admit my heart broke a little when I found out he was gay. Because that would be the only thing in the way of our relationship... obviously.

Minkpink dress//Cotton On cardigan//Black tights//Target boots//My Girl Gwendoline brooch//Oliver Peoples glasses

These are yet another pair of Target shoes. I guess the good thing about buying shoes that have been copied to death, is that there's always going to be an insanely cheap version out there. Until I buy a real pair of Doc Martens, these will have to do.

I got this dress a while ago from David Jones (thank you, staff discount!), but I'm really not sure about it. I love the print of it, but it's kind of on the short side and it has a cut out back, which I am forever adjusting and readjusting. The daisies do make me feel very 90s, though. Especially with these big black stompy boots. Maybe I am subconciously preparing to see Hole at Soundwave Revolution? I actually cannot wait to go.

And, I've had to start wearing my glasses again. My fringe is kind of battling them in these photos, so... it kind of looks like I've got no eyeballs? I'm getting my hair cut this week, though, so hopefully soon I will be able to see properly again. I had been planning to get it coloured a bit ~extreme~ but I think I'm going to chicken out if it.

Anyway! Hopefully the cold weather isn't getting you down. And if it is, just listen to this! Woo!



  1. yesssss love that dress.
    nothing wrong with feeling 90's!
    the dress does reminds me of my 90's childhood when I was obsessed with sunflowers I used to grow them in the garden and I had a jewellry box with print just like your dress except sunflowers not daisies.


  2. i hate you for having this dress, nowhere has my size on sale :( and HOW DID I NOT KNOW HOLE ARE COMING??? ARGHH.

  3. I personally love the dress, and I think it looks really adorable on you. I did immediately think of the 90's when I saw this outfit - but definitely in a good way!

  4. Oh my gosh ! I spotted your little totoro plush in the background - love that movie ! and u mentioned Scott pilgrim - have you seen the graphic novel of it ? soooo good ! fans must have been well pleased when the movie came out, it's like reading the exact movie !


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