I never thought I'd be posting about Eurovision...

Is it wrong that I'm completely in love with these costumes from the Eurovision semi-final?

I have to admit that, despite its obvious lure of glitter, sequins and trashiness, I don't actually watch Eurovision. I found these pictures on Jezebel. I've never really gotten into the over-the-topness of Eurovision, the one year I did watch was when Lordi (who, as you may remember, all look like badass Lord of the Rings characters) won with "Hard Rock Hallelujah".

But, I could see these sixties-inspired dresses being very comfortable in my wardrobe. I mean, by the tine they get to the actual Eurovision concert, these ladies (from Serbia, incidentally) will probably be dressed in sequinned dresses decorated with feathers and LED lights, so I might as well enjoy these costumes while I can...



  1. Definitely not wrong, they look adorable.

  2. If you're coming home for the weekend you'll end up watching it with us .... Dad X

  3. Eurovision! <3 The best part of Eurovision is checking out all the incredible/crazy costumes. These ones are so cute! They look like you could actually wear them outside of Eurovision.

  4. Haha they are pretty darn cute!


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