What I Wore 15.04.11

In my last post I said I was off for dinner and a pantomime, and this is what I wore. The pantomime was (loosely) based on the Scooby Doo gang and my sister was playing Velma! She was excellent. My friends and I got there late and had to sit in the front row, luckily there was no forced audience participation.

Sorry these photos are a bit dark, I had about five minutes to take them before I left for dinner! Catching the bus in peak hour traffic is not my favourite thing in the world. I just made it in time to catch the connecting bus (running! In these shoes!) and the doors closed just before I got there and the driver wouldn't let me on! I was so angry. Time to learn how to drive, maybe.

Vintage dress via The Velvet Bow//Razzamatazz stockings//Jeffrey Campbell boots//Diva earrings//Pigeonhole ring

I am sorry to say that my "not falling over in Litas" record has been broken. When my friends and I were walking to the theatre we went over some grass and JUST as my friend was saying "Wow, this ground's so solid" I tripped over in a rather spectacular fashion. She was very concerned that I might have broken my ankle, such is the insaneness of these shoes. I didn't, but I was much less cocky about my ability to navigate unstable ground. Luckily it was where people couldn't really see me... although I suppose me posting about it on the internet cancels that out.

The dress was one that Jessie had left over from the markets she did a while ago. I was very glad it was cold enough to wear tights - I don't think I could get away with such a short hemline otherwise! It's a very sweet dress, though, and it will get worn to death this winter.
Anyway. I have just gotten my laptop fixed (the charger overheated and died) so I am off to tackle my Google Reader! Sadly this is a pretty typical Friday night for me (even though this post is being published on a Saturday! AM I A TIME LORD).



  1. Your dress is wonderful, and it suits you well, what great luck! <3

  2. The dress looks amazing, I am so so glad you got it. A perfect match with the Litas I think!

  3. Love the beautiful dress! It looks great, and so do your Litas!

  4. gosh you sound just like me. i don't drive either (always nice to meet someone from the non driving club) and running for the bus seems like an everyday past-time for me now. i don't think i would be as brave as you to run in thos JC shoes though!
    you look fantastic btw

  5. Your shoes are amazing, I love them! They look great with that dress :)

  6. This outfit suits you so much! It might be boring, but I love you in all-dark, you look so sophisticated and classy ')

  7. Pink Penguin - Thank you! I actually can't take the credit for finding it, but I love it!
    The Velvet Bow - I love it too! Thank you so much for finding it in the first place :)
    Miss Peregrin - Thank you lovely! I think you'll be seeing quite a lot of it on the blog...
    Natalie - It was quite treacherous running in them! Although it was on solid(ish) ground that I actually couldn't manage :/
    Gillian - Thanks! I got them from Revolve Clothing, if that helps!
    Monster Girl - Oh thank you! I am glad to see you back on the blogs :D


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